Why BoardFlo

BoardFlo is a great way to organize your HR team and your employees’ work processes. The solution is inspired by the successful Kanban methodology used at companies to improve the flow of information and resources assigned to tasks and projects.

Boardflo helps you keep track of information, plan your resources, better management of HR processes, helps newly hired employees adapt more successfully, builds a stronger company culture. The solution adapts to your projects, your teams, and your workflow.

Your organization or company needs exceptional team productivity?

Find and assign colleagues from the SAP SuccessFactors system to share the workload in the projects and tasks setup in BoardFlo.

Team members can leave comments and feedback on their assigned card, any documents and links can be attached to enrich the contest of the work required.

All the pieces you need to improve your work

Everything about your project on one place. Monitor the progress of the work done and get instant notifications to boards and tasks that other members are contributing to. Drag and drop carts between your lists to follow your progress.

From huge picture to insignificant details

You can get a birdseye view of where all tasks are in your project, the various lifecycle and stages. Organize the structure, breaking down the major tracks and activities required by drag-and-drop.

Create a label and due dates for each task allowing for added visual data and the ability to filter tasks based on labels and due dates.